Weekly Review 2017 Week 10

March 13, 2017 by Alexey Shmalko
Tags: review

This is my third weekly review.

This week:


The top topic of this week is making a mail client out of emacs! I probably haven’t saved all web pages I’ve read on the topic. (There are no saved pages on notmuch, which is nice and easy option, which I had set up.)

I haven’t finished my setup yet, but when I do, that’s a good topic to post about.

Some discussions of available options on reddit/google groups.

This comment describes the whole landscape of the problem. The mail idea to remember is that you need (1) something to fetch your email, (2) something send email, and (3) something to view your email.

For (1), you most likely want mbsync.

For (2), you can go with either msmtp or emacs built-in smtp support. The former is more powerful.

(3) is the most diverse vector. Top three most popular solutions seem to be gnus, mu4e, and notmuch.

Mbsync / offlineimap

This is how you fetch email into your box. From the comments all around, mbsync is superior. (In case you wonder, isync is the name of the project, mbsync is the name of the executable.)


I have also tried notmuch and it’s nice, but its interfaces makes browsing through new messages a bit slower (from usage perspective, implementation is pretty fast).

Cryptography / GPG

One of emacs mail disscussions led me to GPG critique.


Exploring ES6

I keep reading Exploring ES6 at my lazy time. This week I read next chapters:

Yeah… I’ve skipped 12 because it’s huge, but I’m catching up.



This week I have also set up Jenkins and Hydra for continuous integration, but there are no full-blown articles on the topic I’ve read.