Weekly Review 2018 Week 4

January 28, 2018 by Alexey Shmalko
Tags: review

This week:

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I’ve been much into accounting this week. Especially plain text and double-entry accounting.

I got most of my bank excerpts imported into hledger. Before, I had imported banking SMS and processed them with a custom Python script, but hledger gave me much more power in analysing my expenses.

I also configured hledger to track shared expenses and automatically split shares, so I finally know how to—and started to—handle family finances with my girlfriend.

Plain Text Accounting

The main idea of plain text accounting is to store all financial data in plain text file format (pretty geeky). The other part is double-entry accounting (pretty simple—all transactions must sum up to zero (balance); no money appears out of nowhere and comes into nowhere). The plain text idea and file format was pioneered by ledger and numerous clones exist. hledger is a ledger clone written in Haskell.

plaintextaccounting.org contains more info on the topic.

Here is main info I read this week:

General accounting

Screen recording

I recorded a short screencast for my friend this week.

I used screenkey and/or key-mon to show your key presses.